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Black Sesame Seed Puff Puff

by on October 29, 2018

Because beniseed [sesame] seeds have their DNA and birthplace in Africa so really this is a happy marriage, a homecoming of sorts. I love the nuttiness of toasted sesame seeds – brown and black, and every colour in between. I like to top my salads with them, eat sesame snaps, drizzle their oil in my dips and stir-fries and more. 


After watching an episode of Masterchef Australia season 9 when someone made a dessert with them that transported me to Japan, I dreamt this up.

Black sesame seeds got blitzed and combined with puffpuff ingredients.


The batter rose…all speckled and stuff…


Hot oil, nicely shaped puffs and ….nice brown and black fried dough.


The end result was delicious. Incredibly nutty because I toasted the seeds a touch before, if memory serves me well. There was the beloved – and I dare say characteristic crunch of the outer and the chewy centre.


I didn’t manage to get them to colour evenly but still, we enjoyed them thoroughly. Repertoire stuff.


I dare say, find yourself a recipe you love and trust and work with it. There isn’t much to be afraid of. Well, save for salt and cinnamon in direct contact with the yeast – avoid that. 


Puffpuff for president. Beloved by all! Well all who matter, really. Peace and love and puffpuff however you like.