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Ube for Small Chops & More

by on July 12, 2018

I grew up eating ube with corn in the rainy season, young enough to enjoy the thick, soft flesh gliding off the seed and young enough to enjoy it just so. 

With age and knowledge has come the following realisations – one, that it is similar to avocado in many ways…and thus, can be treated just as – enter ubecamole.


Even if to the chagrin of some Nigerians who think that you are being silly by exploring and experimenting but we pay them little mind, save to share that perspectives like that are incredibly limiting. 


Ubecamole toast with other pulses and legumes in season


Two, that ube may be very Nigerian but it is foreign to some (Nigerians). I have a few friends, born and bred here and perhaps buttered elsewhere hence the lack of knowledge of ube. Sigh.

Three, there’s so much more we can do with it. Like imagine it as a vessel, to be filled with delicious, wholesome delights, and served rather daintily. Is that the word?

Well, I did it and quite easily too.

Start off by cutting the raw ube in half, lengthways. Then scoop out the seeds and soak in hot, just-boiled water – no salt just yet.


I wanted these to be little bites before dinner. I had salsa, chicken, vegetables and zobo pepper sauce.

Next steps? Sprinkle some salt into the ube halves…


Then fill.


Finally, eat. I would say feast but then you’d have to eat a few of these.


Well, either way, we won’t judge you, enjoy. 

What else would you like to explore with ube?