Soundbites | Dog meat: Specialty Eats in Nigeria

I have the most random conversations with friends and strangers and I kick myself sometimes because I wish I could record it all and share. Why? Well, I find my thoughts challenged, my perspectives stretched. I learn and see people in ways I might not have prior.

Like this conversation around dog meat which occurred rather spontaneously at 11,000ft above sea level in Wyoming in late June while out on a field trip.

It is interesting to know that dog meat is consumed in many parts of the world from Asia to the Americas and every continent in between. It serves different functions from ritual offerings to specialty eats. Today, in China, Korea, Vietnam and I dare say Nigeria, dog meat is still consumed.

I grew up knowing about dog meat consumption in the south south of Nigeria, particularly in Calabar. I’ve never (knowingly)  tried it – it would freak me out, like it would to hold a snake or eat rodents. I shiver. But I’ve almost always known about Bingo and 404 – local names for the breed of dog and dog meat across Nigeria.

I hope you enjoy it, even if it creates some discomfort.

Some new words:

  • Ogogoro – locally brewed Nigerian gin
  • Isi ewu – specialty dish of goat head cooked in emulsified palm oil with herbs

Have you had any experience with dog meat?

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