Review: Food Trolley

This is a review post Food Trolley who sponsored my cooking ingredients at the collaboration supper club for Jollof with Eat.Drink.Lagos a few weeks ago, already!

World Jollof Weekend 2017 came and went! Thank you everyone who attended, contributed, supported to the three-day even which kicked off with a Supper club. 

My mother always says ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy comfort’. And by extension, I add ‘convenience’.

One of the major keys I’ve gotten in adulthood is ‘buying time’, freeing up my time so I am free/ have more time to do the things I love – sleep, cook, spend time with family, etc.

While I really love grocery shopping – at home and abroad – sometimes after a long day or when I have a lot on, the last thing I want to do is trudge through store aisles when I could be home already, cooking or doing away. The week preceding the Jollof celebration was hectic with work and all the activities planned so being able to whip up a list and send on to the team at Food Trolley made my life easier.

Food Trolley is an online grocery store that stocks fresh and dry produce so that in one fell swoop or order :), I could get my vegetables and my grains and canned products.


For me, it’s the perfect alternative to stopping by the store/ supermarket after a hard day, before I have to do a big cook ahead of the weekend, when I’m tired, and basically every situation in between.

While I didn’t order in the classic way – online, fill cart, input details – I did go through the produce and products to draw up my list. I ordered a variety of vegetables – onions, peppers, lettuce as well as dry products – rice, sweet corn, milk, honey and I used the opportunity to try made in Nigeria preserved garlic and ginger


I wish there was a larger product selection particularly in the meat category because that would make my life easier :). I would also like an ‘About’ page. It’s important to me on a website. I’d like to know more about Food Trolley – what are their goals, objectives, vision? The page set-up and design is simple and easy to navigate. The products are reasonably priced and you can compare prices by clicking on the icon. The items load in the sidebar and you can make your comparisons.


Overall, they made my life sooooooooo easy in that crazy week and I’m eternally grateful. Thank you Food Trolley. 

Have you used Food Trolley’s services before? Do you do grocery shopping online? What do you think?

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