Pepper Fruit Scones

I wanted a way to ‘trap’ the sweet and spicy flavours of the pepper fruit and I dreamt up scones. I felt as though the slightly sweet dough could work well with the spice and scent of pepper fruit.

I got a mix of green and red pepper fruit and blitzed them – seeds and flesh- till chopped up. 


I simply incorporated this into a dough of flour, yogurt, butter and the like. 

[Recipe for scones]


Talk about delicious! The scones browned nicely and retained everything I love about pepper fruit – the fragrance and the flavour…this time with the heat dispersed.


Crunchy tops and bottoms, crumbly centres


We enjoyed them with some agbalumo-passion fruit jam…


And another batch is chilling in the freezer, ready to be baked! Yum.

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