Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Dry Fish Skin-Local Jollof ‘Sushi’

The Concept

This concept is about sushi, Japanese rice rolls. Years ago, I attended a sushi workshop in the Netherlands and fell in love with the perfect bites of rice wrapped in seaweed sheets.

Here, I’ve combined ‘traditional’, palm-oil based flavours using gorgeous dry fish skin instead of the nori sheets, smoky rice and fresh herbs to create delicious rolls.

Local Jollof

Using dry fish skin as a vehicle for more

The Elements

We’re talking crisp and crunchy, soft and chewy, smoky. Here’s what went into mine:

  • Dry Fish skin, washed, trimmed and set aside which became the ‘seaweed sheets’. I made some with scent leaves laid on, and some without. I thought I’d up the herby, citrusy flavours.
  • Local Jollof, Palm-oil Jollof is a specialty, a delicacy. I love to make mine with lots of scent leaves with flaked dry fish folded in.
  • Scent leaves


To serve/ garnish:

  • Dry fish skin crisp, like chicharrones and Dambun Kifi – dry fish meat floss, basically spiced flaked dry fish, fried till crispy and deep fried scent leaves


  • Hot sauce
  • Herbs to garnish


Prep & Plating

I cooked the rice, cleaned my fish skin then laid out some cling film.

Fish skin went on the clingfilm and then I part-lined the fish skin with fresh scent leaves.


Next, I place some rice in the skin and made a roll.


Which then got wrapped in the clingfilm, like a sausage. I put it in the freezer for a few hours because I wanted it to ‘set’ and hold. Once it was time to plate, I warmed the roll in a saucepan of water till it was heated through, about 5 – 8 minutes.


I then cut the wrap into small bites, ready for the next step.


And then, plating began – I smeared some pepper sauce in the centre of a plate;


Then placed some of the rolls on the side and up-facing. Herbs were next…;


Followed by the crispy fish floss and skin;


The crispy herbs/ scent leaves were next and then I topped the central rice roll with waterleaf flowers…just because!


And that was it – feasting began. I absolutely love dry fish skin  as you well know


The flavours are smoky, spicy, creamy, herby, yum. 

I love the chewiness of the skin, and the crisp and crunch from the fish floss and skin.

Most of all, I love the idea of being able to reimagine, recreate and combine elements of Nigerian dishes in new ways.

Till the next concept dish, stay well xxx

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