From Ugep with More Love: Yam Mash & Yedamblongh

As I ate Yedamblongh,  I kept thinking of how  perfectly it would go with yam mash… And so I got making some.


I simply boiled yam and pureed it with a touch of water. I’ve made yam mash/ puree before so this was no newbie or biggie. In the past, I’ve added a touch of cream and butter to enrich it but today, here – it didn’t need any of that.

The yam mash went into a bowl, followed by all the other elements – chopped garden eggs, pomo (smoked cow skin), chopped kolanuts, dry fish chunks, slices of green by way of Okana leaves and a dollop of the ehuru-spiced pepper sauce. I finished with a drizzle of palm oil and tucked in.


The yam mash was PERFECT. Soft, creamy and sweet, it’s was a perfect blanket and foil for the medley of flavours and textures from the garden eggs and the other elements.


Smoky, spicy, salty, sweet, bitter, everything worked so well together. I’m such a huge fan of this ‘extension’ of Ugep’s Yedamblongh. I mean who would ever have thought you could eat kola nut beyond snacking?   


I have one more recipe in this group and I can’t wait to share it.  I have to remake this soon! 

Peace & Love

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