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Akara Sandwich, Remixed :)

by on June 18, 2017

Because some people might come for me if I call this Akara Burger – the original bean fritter in fresh bread mix.

Random, I have a colleague who can’t eat fresh bread if it isn’t pressed together. Hear me – he takes a loaf, slice and then presses it down till all the rise, the air, the doughiness disappears and le slice is more like brick…. 🙂

[How to: Akara]

Anyway, last week, I was seriously craving Akara. At the same time, I had ube in the fridge – african butter pear which I turn into a creamy dip when it’s in season, a la ‘camole.

[Ubecamole – how to, a few ways]


It is delicious – a tad olive-like, creamy and spreadable too.

I got some fresh bread, smeared on some…


Topped with golden brown akara


And made a delicious sandwich


Now some might say the texture was all soft but this is where the different flavours come to work to pull it off. I had crunch bell peppers in my Ubecamole, as well as cilantro. Then there was the slight spice from the chilies in the bean batter and the erunrun from the Akara – crispy pendants.

Anyway, while I’m not used to eating my Akara ‘garnished’ – normally it’s straight up bread and fritter – this was lovely and definitely worth a repeat.