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#SundayRice: Nigerian Snail Fried Rice

by on June 9, 2017

Sunday’s recipe, early….so you can shop all you like and prep for Sunday.

I love the texture of Nigerian snails – the crunch and the krum krum and because I’d done the Snail Jollof version, it was easy to come up with this switch.

Essentially, I took some cooked snails


And chopped them into bits and then I combined them with hot oil-vegetables a frying


The rice – already par-cooked in stock went into the pan with the vegetables which got stirred. Some more stock was added, heat set to low and it cooked away till the rice was cooked through.

Basically, I followed the fried rice recipe taught me by master/ guru/ sensei Timi.


I loved the slight crunch of the snails, mixed with the vegetables and the rice. Definitely perfect for Sunday lunch.


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