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Spice: More about Nutmeg

by on March 18, 2017

I’ve written about Nutmeg before, about discovering it shelled, walled in Dubai.

And still there’s more. And Zanzibar served it up, on a Spice Farm tour. Here, I saw the entire nutmeg fruit – nut, shell, mace and all. Our tour guide, Ramadan shared the fruit and more with us.

That nutmeg comes ‘as a fruit’


Which is cut open to reveal a web of red mace, around a shelled nut.


In some communities, women use nutmeg to ‘relax’, because it has intoxicating effects. In Malaysia, the nutmeg fruit is used to make a drink. It is cooked down – much like passion fruit shells (which I use for a jam/marmalade condiment thing) and then mixed into a drink.


Isn’t it beautiful? The nutmeg and mace. There’s so much to see and learn in this world and seeing spices in the not-on-the-shelf form deepens my knowledge and understanding.


The end :).

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