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In the Middle: With my Agbalumo Wine

by on March 17, 2017

The internet is a wonderful place. I’m one of those people who recognises it’s dangers but benefits so much from its abundance.


So, I was ‘racking’ my wine – basically employing the services of my auto-siphon to remove the clear part of the wine without the sediment at the bottom.


My work was done. All that was left was to cork it, airlock and all and then head to bed but learning had other plans, apparently. 

Well, I was a bit silly, I agree. I had taken off the air lock from the bung shortly, then proceeded to put the bung back without the air lock. Then…..I started to force the base of the air lock in which ended up with the bung in the bottle, air lock in my hand and tears in my eyes. 

And then Google came to my rescue via the Home brew talk Forum.

A user, Maddog3025 had experienced the same problem in 2012

…I’ve brewed five or six batches but I figured this boo boo warranted this forum. I’m using a borrowed carboy and the rubber stopper I bought at the local liquor outlet’s brew section seemed to fit just fine. But after I racked the beer in, and added some dry hops, I went to seat the stopper with the pressure lock and I pushed it right through down into the beer. So now I’m wondering if I can leave it in there for a week before I bottle the batch, or will that stopper ruin the taste? Anyone heard of this bonehead mistake before? Thanks

I too…experienced the same. I tried to use a skewer but I couldn’t get a grip. Anyway, I read a bit more…

SilverZero responded ‘Search around, you’ll find a few threads like this. You’re not the first. It should be fine if you sanitized it before putting it in.

Even if you didn’t but it was basically clean, the alcohol and the hops should keep your brew safe. No worries.

Oh, but be careful when you’re retrieving it later after you rack the beer out. Don’t break your carboy or scratch the glass trying to get it out. I hear you can put a dish towel in part way, roll the stopper up onto the part of the towel inside, flip the carboy upside-down so the towel is around the stopper, then yank it out. It should pop out all together.

brewit2it gave me the solution I needed and it worked like a charmmmmmm – use a plastic bag.

‘Yeah, it’s happened to many of us. Just leave it in there and proceed as usual. Once you rack the beer you can get it out easily with the trick maddog described but rather than a towel you can use a disposable plastic bag from the grocer. Make sure the stopper is wet, push the plastic bag inside, turn over so stopper is against the bag and pull out. Works like a charm.’

So yes, happy, happy, happy. I had to empty out the wine, use a bag to retrieve the bung/ cork and then refill!


But I learnt a few things.

Anyhow, my wine is now upstairs in my bedroom, which is slightly cooler than my kitchen – in my closet. I can’t wait for it to clear!

More, coming soon.

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