Six (6) ways to use Nigerian Stock

So, when you do learn how to make Nigerian stock and value-for-money ways to get this done, for this you’ll need money to invest, so you’ll want to reach the nearest cash option for this.

Other types of Sock you can use is in Stew, here are a few ways you can use it – full or low fat :):

The very best stews are ‘sweetened‘ with the liquid gold of stock.


Jollof Rice

Your best pot has some meat stock in it. To enrich the flavour of the finished dish, if you’re parboiling your rice, do it in stock and enjoy the best Jollof Rice and other Jollof recipes.


Nigerian Fried Rice

The difference between Nigerian-style fried rice and Chinese is that the Naija version is cooked in/ with stock and the Chinese is ‘fried’. The stock contributes to the colour and flavour in your best pot.Other rice dishes also benefit. My friend L, makes this stunning pot of sweet pepper rice that sees rice cooked in stock and then stir-fried with hot, yellow pepper and onions. It is the best. Ever.


Nigerian Chicken Curry

Popular on Sundays, this ‘curry’ sauce has chicken stock at its base. It is thickened with flour or corn starch and chock full of chicken, carrots, Irish potatoes and more, perfect served with white rice.

Sauces, like GizDodo or Snail Sauce

Just a splash makes the difference in chunky sauces be that snails or gizdodo.


‘Drinking’ Soups

Add some stock, vegetables and meat if you like to a pot, along with herbs and spices for a warming, delicious soup that’s great for dunking bread.


Where else would you use it? Tell all.