Three Uses for Agbalumo Skin: Gum, Pectin & Bitters

Did you know that Chicle, the milky juice or latex found in Agbalumo and other relatives was for a long time, the foundation of all chewing gums?

Chewing gum

Yes, if you are able to get past the bitterness, chewing the latex-rich skin and sap will yield great delights. So yes, chicle and things cf. Chiclets.



‘The skin which constitutes about 33% of the entire fruit could be a source of pectin which is used as gelling agent, thickener and as a stabilizer in most food and drug industries [3], thus a means of managing waste.’

Thank you . I’m going to try this.

I’ve made homemade pectin before from apple skins so I’m eager to try this.


Yep, my Agbalumo bitters are ‘getting’ ready 🙂


[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Three Uses for Agbalumo Skin: Gum, Pectin & Bitters – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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