Fourteen (14) ‘Other’ Great Ideas To Use Up Brandied Fruit Mix

It’s that time of year – we’re prepping for Christmas. Well, some started earlier – whatever *rolls eyes*.

I finally got round to soaking my fruit in brandy and orange liqueur for the fruitcakes that must be. This is a world record for me. I’ve soaked fruit days before, some weeks before – truth be told though, with the amazing recipe I use from BBC Good food, it hasn’t mattered much – every single make has been delicious.

What I’m celebrating about this ‘early soaking’ is the feeling of being on time. 

Other than in Fruitcakes and Traditional English Christmas Pudding, this is my great new idea. That this fruit mix could be sold in wonderful jars at the finest stores. I particularly like it in Stage 3 (Stage 1 being the soaking and stage 2, ) –

Tropical Fruit Cakes with Coconut and Mango
Stage 2: Pureeing part of the soaked fruitcake mixture
Stage 3/ Cook Cake Mixture

In a large pan, combine the fruit paste, the other half of the soaked dried fruit and any remaining liqueur, cherries, apricots, mission figs, sugar, butter, zests and juice of the lemon and orange and all of the brandy-liqueur from the soak.  Bring slowly to the boil, stirring until the butter has melted, about 10 minutes.  Reduce the heat and bubble for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally; Recipe

Stage 3: Cooked fruit cake mixture. Divine aroma and flavour!


Cookies & Pastries

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  • Warm and scoop some over ice-cream
  • Add to bread pudding
  • Make a trifle with citrus supremes, sweetened whipped cream and chunks of fruit cake

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  • Stir into softened butter to make a compound butter. Great on toast.
  • Make a brandied/cider fruit sauce for roasted meats and poultry
  • Make stuffing, with bread crumbs, grated apple and fill a bird with it :), or the slits in a Turkey Breast Hassleback


  • Mulled wine
  • Fruit-spiced beverages – coffee, tea and hot chocolate 🙂 with whipped cream 


What would you use yours for?


  1. The thing is: while I love the occasional taste of fruit in my cake, I absolutely dislike traditional fruit cake. I really don’t know what it is with me and traditional fruit cakes. But all the same, I like the idea of using the liquered fruit puree in a compound butter. I will try it.
    You will think that with the way I dislike fruit cake, I will avoid it right? I will be making the Panettone next month as part of my monthly cake series. I will be giving it out though!
    Thanks for the tips. Have a great weekend!

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