Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Beans & Garri ‘Truffles’

The Concept

The concept here is of ‘truffles’. Like Chocolate truffles but not…

A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts (typically hazelnuts,almonds or coconut), usually in a spherical, conical, or curved shape.

Their name derives from their traditional shape, which resembles the truffle, an edible part of the tuber fungus; Source: Wikipedia


Truffles because having stewed beans, sprinkled with garri reminds me of eating chocolate truffles. That contrast between crunchy outer and soft centre is a sensory delight. 

The Elements

I grew up a garri lover, sprinkling it in the hollows of creamy, green avocado halves and over palm-oil and pepper sauced beans. Then, in The Netherlands, I was sitting at my desk one day and had this strong craving for garri and avocado…because of my proclivity to experiment, I decide to make ‘Avocado truffles rolled in garri’. The combination was awesome –  mashed avocados, seasoned it with salt and hot sauce and rolled in the finest sort of garri Ijebu, Wenku – a sour, finely milled garri that is almost like white sand on the beach. The result was delicious at room temperature.


Wenku [Yoruba]. From the phrase ‘O wen ku‘, meaning ‘It is very smooth.’ And sour with crunchy grains.

Also known as Lebu, milled output of ‘Koko‘ – the bigger grains from fried garri that don’t pass through a sieve.

Those Avocado ‘truffles’ sowed a seed and made me think of beans and garri truffles – vegan, gluten-free and easy to make/ serve up. And if you ever wonder why this would be necessary…wonder on!

Prep & Plating

To make the truffles, scoop teaspoonfuls of cooked beans into garri.


With clean/ gloved hands, roll into balls

_DSC0852Place on platters…


And top with pepper sauce/ salsa. And herbs if you like.


I loved them – and yes, I am partial to my creations. 

The sweet soft centre is rich, the crust and the sauce perfect complements. I could totally serve this at dinners. Concepts are ideas, not meant alone for headspace. The best ones are tested, worked, shared and improved. Don’t knock a concept you don’t understand – learn how inspiration comes, how big a role memory plays and how much aspirations and dreams shape what ends up on the plate.

The end *drops mic*.


  1. I love the concept. Very creative. But I don’t like beans and garri. I annoys me lol. I love beans and I like garri but not together.

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