In Season: March

Fresh Cashews, pitanga cherries, mulberries, carrots, agbalumo, mangoes…these are a few things in seasons

Cashews/ Cashew Apple

Woo hoo, sooooooooooo happy to get my hands on some. Which I plan to juice, bake and do a host of other things. We shall see


At least in the North of Nigeria, they’re in season. I got a batch which was already turning. I can’t wait for agriculture in Nigeria to the state where post-harvest losses and transportation account for wayyyyy less than the 50% waste currently ‘mentioned’.

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Pitanga Cherries

These make me happy. Unfortunately, they were in top notch condition so I had to make them into other things (will share) against my original plan of experimenting with the fresh ones.

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Still in season and I’m enjoying it, and learning loads, about the whole fruit, about other similar fruits. Yep, this still holds as much fascination for me as it did last year.

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Still in season and surprisingly, I’m not really impressed with the mangoes I’ve bought this year. They appear watery and tasteless. Sigh. Still hoping things will turn and delicious ones will suddenly appear. Fingers and legs crossed 🙂

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Which come and go. And are still as delish as ever. This time, I found mini ones :), perfect for a fruit salad

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Yep, and still fresh. Still buying mine from roadside wheelbarrows 🙂 where they’re cheaper.

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