Ideas in Puff Puff: Easy Twists

I love Puff Puff and trying out new versions is what I love to do – not to say how easy it is to actually do. 

Some ways

Make a new base for the batter

So instead of making your puff puff batter solely out of flour, you can add fruit or vegetable purees, like banana, plantain, etc or fruit juice – like passion fruit. The key is to maintain the consistency of the batter, keeping it as close to  ‘normal’ as you would. I have made these a couple of times and I’m working on the ideal ratios. Coming soon!

Banana Puff Puff, great with cinnamon sugar

Plantain Puff Puff – I added green chilis and a pinch of salt to the batter to cut through the sweetness of ripe plantains

This will deliver a new set of interesting flavours.

Add some spices

Though Nutmeg is the definitive puff puff spice , others work well – vanilla, cardamom are great even more savoury ones – chilli powder, peppercorns, etc…but beware, some like cinnamon have an adverse effect on yeast and its rise. In those cases, you can find another way to introduce that flavour, like a crust or coating – see the last tip. 

Stuff the puff puff

Meatballs are a great centre to bite into doughy puffs – the contrast between sweet and savoury, I like much. I also tried maltesers at the weekend. Really tricky but worthy more tries.


Toss fried puff puff in some sugar

This makes me think of Churros – Spanish dough tossed in cinnamon sugar and Kaimati, Kenya fried dough tossed in syrup and icing sugar.




So there, a few ideas to jazz up your puff puff. 

Tell me stuff you do to switch yours up?

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