Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert: Grilled French Toast with Fruit & Cream

I have a love hate relationship with French Toast – it allows itself get so easily sidetracked, so ‘meh’ and so often that it takes a twist to get me hankering after it.

And I’m not the only one. In Epicurious’s ‘Cook Like a Diner‘ series, David Tamarkin writes ‘The French Toast Notebooks’ and his 

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Welcome to Epicurious’ “Cook Like a Diner” series, where we obsess about the simple, iconic, super-crunchy pleasures of diner food—and figure out how to make those classic dishes at home.


Like wholemeal bread. And yaji spice, crusted with cornflakes or coconut…and a reminder grilled/ in a grill pan. 

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So you make up your French toast as you would, heat up a grill pan, lightly grease it – I like to use a brush and brown butter. I like to slice my bread in half because I’m very much a crust person – I like a high ratio of crust to cream. I added ground cardamom and orange zest to my mix of milk and eggs. 


The grill pan, and butter creates both flavour – smoky, nutty, caramel and texture – soft, crisp and crunchy.


What I make sure is that every single side is marked, lined by the grill.


I love. If ever there was a way to get me French Toast eating, this is it.

Once outta the fire, I serve it up with fruit and cream. I’m very much a buffet person

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On my plate I have:

  • Fresh and poached fruit. Berries, grapes, kiwis, mulberries, ebelebo 
  • Acid by way of lemon
  • Creamy by way of mascarpone
  • And sweet by way of maple syrup


Boy, does this make a great dinner and dessert, did I also mention breakfast and lunch?

Tip: you can make ahead for parties and keep warm in the oven!


The combination of toasted bread, cool cream, delicious fruit – fresh and syruppy was everything.


Everything, bringing me back to quaffing French Toast.


And also looking for new ways to switch it up. What’s your take?


  1. I’ve had oven baked french toast skewers with fruit, drizzled with maple syrup that was divine!

    As I’m a sucker for grill marks, I should definitely try this one. Will let you know how it goes.

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