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Peanutty Akara

by on November 29, 2016


And yes, all thanks to Saratu who suggested it. It is delicious.

The Akara end up texturally different from those without the peanut butter – they had more of a crunch, more of a crunchy crust. It was yum!


With my batch of okwu-oji not yet slain, even after the pepper soup, I added dollops to the blender as I whipped up a batch of Akara.

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The Akara got fried, as per normal…


And then they were klaar, ready. I served them with pawpaw chutney, peanut butter sauce, cilantro and bread.


Some versions had nuggets of prawns, tucked in the batter.


I’m very much a ‘bread torn by hand’, uncorrupted by silver sort of person :)…as you can see.



It was delicious. It will definitely feature more on my table. I’m already thinking of a chilli-coconut-kafir lime version :). We’ll see. 

What do you like to do with Akara?

Do you know they eat Akara in Brazil? It is called Acaraje xxx