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Friday Cocktails: Shandies that Wow – Passion Fruit, Tamarind, Pitanga & Guava

by on October 7, 2016

So, we must see this Shandy obsession to the end…here are 4 more ideas to wow you: Tamarind, Pitanga Cherry, Passion fruit and Guava,

All four of them can be made to taste:

How to make syrups

  • Tamarind syrup: I combined semi-dried sour tamarind – common in the north of Nigeria with sugar and water.
  • Pitanga syrup: I made a simple syrup with pitanga cherries, sugar and water
  • Guava: I used guava juice
  • Passion Fruit: I made fresh passion fruit juice (tutorial coming soon)

L to R: Pitanga cherry, Tamarind, Guava, Passion Fruit

You’ll have to adjust the flavours to suit your tastes


Add your lager…


Then top up with lemon and lime soda.


You’re free to admire 🙂


And admire some more before you straw up… and drink.


My personal favourite was the Passion Fruit – it is that complex combination of tropical flavours that’s fruity and sour and sweet with a good nose. We love it!

Next was the tamarind – its really earthy and rich. I have a feeling it would work well in a malt or Guinness version. Must try that soon.

The came the Pitanga – which was a mixture of sweet and spice.

Finally the guava – an all round fail. I will try a fizzy guava drink next time.

So there, more Shandies to up your game.

What would you make?