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Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Yam & Fish

by on September 23, 2016

The Concept

The idea of exploring Nigerian cuisine thrills me to no end. I find myself consumed with knowing more about an ingredient – continually stretching my boundaries of its use, testing, trying, mostly succeeding.

The ‘concept’ here was to explore yam textures.

The Elements

On the plate, we have a combination of textures and colours. 

  • Yam – three textures: boiled, fried and one that was new – a puree, which was off the chain delicious
  • Scent Leaf – young leaves, buds and a delightful oil
  • Garri-crusted fish
  • Radishes, for freshness and crunch

Prep & Plating

I liked the way it looked in general. More interesting was the combination worked beautifully, without a sauce! contrary to what I expected. I also really liked the green-white-brown colour palette. 

The yam puree is reminiscent of potato puree – sweet, creamy, but not at all like pounded yam. I pureed it with a bit of salt, butter and cream – blending and the result was soft and cream, not crumbly or chewy. I’ve continued to make the puree and it remains a crowd favourite. So interesting to see the varied textures yam can take on – distinct, different and all delicious. 

The scent leaf oil worked very well – made by combining garlic, green chilies and sea salt with coconut oil, it emerged herby and fragrant – a perfect companion to even the boiled and fried yam.

The fish – crusted in garri and suya spice, yaji was moist and juicy on the outside, with a crisp crust that worked really well with the yam. 

So yes, here is my ‘concept’ New Nigerian Dish of Yam and Fish. 

Next Concept Dish? Plantains 🙂