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Friday Cocktails – Shandies, All Sorts

by on September 23, 2016


I’m crazy about Shandies and lately, have explored a variety of (tropical) fruit versions from Mango to PineappleCucumber & Mint and Soursop.

Did I also mention Agbalumo?

Agbalumo shandy. Because yesterday, after my #mangoshandy, daughter #1 and I talked. I wanted to do something with Agbalumo and she said shandy...so she made me one this evening. It. Is. Amazeballs. Oh all the things I didn't know we could do with our d

Agbalumo shandy with lime – love!!!!!!!

I generally keep it simple:

  • Some sweetened syrup or fruit puree
  • Some citrus
  • Lemon-lime soda
  • Lager

Some days, I want more sweet than not so I up the soda ante, other days I’m in for the refreshing so I keep the lager-soda mix even. It is totally up to you what what you do…and that, baby is all you need. You can rustle up a pineapple, cucumber-mint baby  – by blending all three, sweetening up and straining if you like…then combining with your soda and lager.

Pineapple & Mint Shandy, with lager and lemon-lime soda. Because I love fruit shandys . . #shandy #Radley #tropical #Kitchenbutterfly #Nigeriandrinks #mixers #newNigeriankitchen #newNigeriancuisine #drinks #inseason #pineapple #mint #pineappleshandy #trop

Pineapple & Mint Shandy – sweet and fresh and oh so delicious

A tale of two shandys: cucumber-mint & passionfruit . . #shandy #Radley #tropical #drinks #Kitchenbutterfly #Nigeriandrinks #mixers

A tale of two shandys: Pineapple-cucumber-mint & passion fruit

A Passion fruit version, complete with seeds


Passion fruit shandy delight, complete with seeds 🙂

One from Zobo…

Zobo shandy In memory of #Prince & #PurpleRain Thank you for being you #Nigeriancuisine #Nigerianfood #kitchenbutterfly #Samsung #samsungnote5 #note5 #coloursofthenewnigeriankitchen #newNigeriankitchen #newNigeriancuisine #zobo #Nigeriandrinks #shandy #

Floral and Berrylike – this zobo shandy rocks

And a personal fave – the spiced Mango shandy.

This is one of the most fragrant mango drinks I've ever had. I'm not a huge fan of mango drinks - I find them overly rich and thick but here, the sweet fizz of sprite and hoppy beers combined with refreshing lime juice, fresh green chilies and warming gi

Mango shandy – delightfully fragrant

Next on my list? A Watermelon-mint/basil-red chili version. And maybe an all herb one – pawpaw and scent leaf syrup? How about a fresh ginger version? With Turmeric and Aya? Or a riff on a Michelada?

And maybe I shall explore some rock shandies – the variety of non-alcoholic drinks that often combine soda, soda water, cordials and more. Who knows?

What would you make?