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PuffPuff Made Easy

by on September 21, 2016

With an electric hand mixer.

This tool has two whisks inserted into a hand held body. Here’s why I used mine:

Number 1 – less elbow grease

You know, that energy you expend in mixing the dough so you have the lightest, chewiest of dough balls. So, yes you don’t have to do the hand work to get the results. 


The hand blender does an excellent job of spreading the yeast which ensures more even (see better) rise


Three – activating the gluten

Gluten being that protein in wheat that creates the elastic/ stretch in flour-based mixes, like doughs and batters. The end result is quick and easy 🙂


The keys to success?

  • Use on medium speed
  • Use till the mixture is just blended then stop – you don’t want to over whisk

And then…the end.

How do you make your puff-puff batter?