Fresh & Vibrant Nigerian Salads

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 14, 2016
Looking for inspiration? Healthy? Clean? Vibrant? With Nigerian ingredients? Here are a few salads to get you on your way. They feature: seasonal produce ‘superfoods- like acha lots of fruits and vegetables Cassava & Coconut Salad Beans & Corn Salad with fresh coconut Warm Acha Salad Suya Sesame Masa Salad Plantain Imoyo Salad Plantain & […]

Ramadan Recipes, with Acha

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 14, 2016
I’ve been cooking a lot of Acha – everyone in mia familia loves it, picky eaters included. It is a great grain – available, inexpensive, gluten free, easy to cook and super nutritious. I mean, how good can it get? Here are a few ways we’ve had it –  as porridge (least favourite but take 2 on […]

Ramadan Recipes

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 13, 2016
Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim friends. I’d like to share some ideas for Iftar and Suhoor – I hope they provide some inspiration this Ramadan. Your guide to eating during Ramadan Foods to break your fast Iftar Suhoor and more Desserts Sweeteners & Drinks Enjoy xxx