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Friday Cocktails – Agbalumo Mimosas

by on March 11, 2016

I love mimosas – that sweet combination of often fragrant acid and a bit of bubbly.

I love the way we peel oranges in Nigeria – with a knife, making a circular journey round the orange, from head to toe as you cut into skin, separating it from pith in the hope of getting one continuous strip. At least that’s the aim. It wasn’t till a few years ago that I realised it was much easier to rid an orange of its skin with a vegetable peeler.

I love the special way we peel our oranges
And how metres away, the fragrance of citrus and sweet reaches my nose
How the oils saturate the air till my mouth waters
Just how clear the scents and scenes are in the midst of all the chaos; Kitchen Butterfly, Instagram

And…it wasn’t till a few weeks ago that I realised while a vegetable peeler was good, the Nigerian knowledge of peeling with knife or some other special device could come in handy for garnishing drinks. So there – no knowledge is wasted. It might be a while before you learn how to put it to multiple uses but…someday.

In my mix today, Agbalumo ‘juice’, champagne and orange peel.

You will need:

1. To know how to get agbalumo juice. My way is only one. Here.


2. How to make, get the orange garnish which adds a hint of citrus but also looks nice.


I bruised my orange, cutting too deep into the pith but hey, I almost made a full strip 🙂


My strip wasn’t bad at all.


I wanted it to look semiprofessional though, so I went at it again with a knife, trimming the edges.


The end result went into my champagne goblet. One orange was enough for two glasses. You could stretch it though by cutting each strip in half, down the length.

3. Yes, you will need fancy glasses too to serve your drink. And you are best making a coilof the strips which you drop into the glass and drape a bit over the rim of the glass.


The rest is easy – fill your glasses half way with your bubbly, or other sparkling wine, then top with agbalumo juice. And ice, if both elements – like mine were- aren’t superchilled.


Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Like you know, it’s cocktail hour somewhere in the world.

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