Zobo-Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

This came together in a flash. A tweet about this cake, being out shopping with friends to cook for made this happen.


The instant I saw the blueberry-pineapple upside down cake, I said to myself ‘this would be perfect with zobo’. For a few months now, I’ve been poaching blueberries in sweetened zobo so I know they work beautifully together.


Pineapple upside down was the first cake which wowwed me, followed by creme caramel and yes I realise that’s creme caramel is not a cake but don’t derail me, please. So, when I was a young’un, maybe 10, my mum’s friend made some for us. I still remember the wonder of the toffee-coloured pineapples, caramelised and crowning soft, sweet cake when turned ‘upside down’. I fell in love.


So this cake. Because I had a jar of candied zobo flowers, as per 6 Things to do with Zobo Flowers.. All I needed was pineapple and thankfully, I found some – the last one in the store.


While we ate dinner, this quick and easy cake baked up in no time. when it emerged, I was a bit disappointed in the colour – I expected a richer, deeper burgundy. The important thing I guess is how beautifully it baked up. And how yummy it was. Soft, sweet, with fruity flavour, perfect with ice cream.

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