Month: February 2016

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Agbalumo Posset

Lool, if you are tired of me and my Agbalumo experiments, imma have to ask you to step aside for a minute or two because there’s more. I’ve been wanting to make this posset since I first realised how acidic Agbalumo was. How it curdled milk. Yep, this has been in my plan for a year […]

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Agbalumo Shortbread

Great shortbread, tart flavor from the dried agbalumo but not recognizable as Agbalumo. That is my review of the delicious cookies I made over the weekend. Using a quick and easy recipe from Jamie Oliver bar a few modifications – addition of water, use of dried Agbalumo, addition of cardamom and orange zest. I loved […]

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There’s little more I enjoy than talking about food. And being #52. Y’all know I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee 52, like This Sunday past, I spoke with Andre Blaze Henshaw – the amazing MC from TEDxPortHarcourt. We talked about food, life, heart and more food in one of my favourite interviews. I find discussions soooooooooo useful in […]

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Bitters & Life

It never ceases to amaze me the clear arguments for and against any particular issue.  This weekend past, I decided I wanted to make Bitters because I had a lot of Agbalumo skins which would have gone to waste. Because a few friends who were with me at the time suggested it – yep, I […]


Quick and Easy: Sauteed Carrots

This is the season for many things with carrots. Why not start with a quick and easy saute? Sautéed carrots and butternut squash with fresh thyme and tangelo juice. All it needs is 5, 6 medium-sized carrots washed, peeled then rinsed. Cut into cylinders. I call them cylinders because I’m not sure what else to call […]