What We Had For Our Nigerian-American Thanksgiving

Last night was lit. This morning, my eyes are somehow but I’m thankful I have a lot to be thankful for. For family and friends, for health, for God, for my children, for food.

I had a few friends round last night – damn, so much love and laughter. Sooooooooooo much.

_DSC2602_DSC2605_DSC2604_DSC2606_DSC2612The menu was pretty much as advertised. A few things added, some forgotten, others removed…



Fresh Turmeric Coconut Scent leaf soup with prawns   Plantain flatbreads   Palm oil vinaigrette     _DSC2597  


Pumpkin Jollof Rice   Dodo with sage & yaji   Smoked Turkey wings with Zobo-pepper sauce   _DSC2616 Sides   Sauteed Greens with bacon   Sauteed Red Amaranth with peanuts   Apple – cucumber Salad (undecided)   I forgot to make the  Garri-crusted Green beans 🙁   Ginger-Pumpkin-Maple Gravy   _DSC2621_DSC2622  


Yam Cake with Pumpkin-Tangelo Ice cream Puff puff ‘bread’ pudding with soursoppassion fruit cream & almonds   Almond brittle   Salted caramel _DSC2631


Passionfruit cocktail

Zobo spritzers


We ate, laughed and did the rounds on the table – about things we were thankful for. That was one of the most beautiful parts of the day. Another? Cooking. Another still? Enjoying the delightful drinks our mixologist made. Still more? The gorgeous ‘Polaroid’ camera my friend brought and used. Sooooooooo awesome. _DSC2634 Still thankful, still grateful.  What are you thankful for?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]What We Had For Our Nigerian-American Thanksgiving – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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