Toasted Egusi Seeds

Snacks. For trail mix. Eating out of hand. Mixing in cookie dough. Or pie crust maybe? Bread even?

I’ve always wanted to snack on Egusi seeds, as a lover of pumpkin seeds. Finally, I decided to try it and the end result is yum. Surprisingly.

I think I had my mind on soup and creamy so this was an interesting discovery. I like trying out ingredients in new ways so applying ‘savoury’ ingredients to sweet, particularly.


These are simply toasted in a frying pan, heated with a bit of oil, olive in my case, stirring constantly so they toast proper without burning.


Ramon has made them with butter. That sounds lush. I’m going to try a beurre noisette version. Brown butter, that is.

I seasoned mine with salt and red chilli powder.

They puff up when you toast them – you’re left with a pocket of air in the middle but they take so long to cool down desperate as I was to eat them. Of course I got tired of waiting, so I kept sneaking bites and tossing them from palm to palm to cool….before I could snack on them.


What do they taste like? Part sesame seed, part peanut, part cream.

New favourites.

I’m thinking suya-spiced and curried. And more. And Egusi brittle, with peanuts and sesame seeds maybe. We’ll see.

They are worth a try, Honestly. My oldest daughter loved them. I’m going to get the others to try.

What do you think?

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  1. Hiya,
    Very cool site. Love, love your culinary creations and buzz. Have you tried egusi seeds(pumpkin) in granola?

  2. Hahaha….you caught the bug quite late but knowing you, it’s going to be a fantastic twist. I grew up eating/snacking on toasted egusi. I am Ijebu and the women in my family always toasted the egusi in a pot/frying pan without oil b4 blending. They claim it helps in releasing the oils when cooking. I still toast my egusi b4 cooking even though I eat most of it.

    I always loved the puff and how they swell up. Infact, u shld try this method when making egusi with vegetables. Toast the egusi before you pop into the dry mill. You will love it.

    I love this new layout!!!

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