Three (3) Sweet Recipes with Pawpaw

Pawpaw. Papaya. Suited to sweet.and savoury preparations.

Spiralised Pawpaw. Fruit & Tea. Bruleed Toast.

By now, you would know I have OCD. Compulsiveness in most of my ways. Like when I discover a new ingredient or see it in new light. You must know that I become consumed with it, using, learning, smelling, tasting, photographing it.

I’ve had Pawpaw for most of my life, in its ripe form. Then a few years ago, I discovered the beauty that was it, ‘green’, in a salad. I also learnt that in parts of Nigeria – northern parts, it is used like a vegetable.

Here are three ways I’ve enjoyed pawpaw

Spiralized Pawpaw with Sugar and Mint

I discovered a gorgeous ‘julienne’ peeler while I stayed with a friend of mine last year during transition to Lagos 2014. I was so thrilled with it. It basically makes noodles of every and anything you can imagine.

#Spiralized just ripe #pawpaw  For dessert, with rubbed mint, lime zest and lime juice  #fresh #raw #vegan #veganeats #whatveganseat #kitchenbutterfly #instafood #instagood #foodagram #foodstagram #freshlymade #healthy #cleaneats #eatclean #vscocam #vscog

At the time, pawpaw was on my watchlist so this came about…long strands of just-ripe pawpaw with rubbed mint, lime zest and lime juice.

I love the original idea but it was simple, without really defined flavours so I’m working on another variation. I’ll say when.

#Spiralized just ripe #pawpaw with rubbed mint, lime zest and lime juice  Very fresh, herby flavours.  It could do with some more sweet though. White sugar would be my choice of sweetner but..... I'm reluctant to.  I'm going up make up a noodle stirfry fr

Poached Chunks soaked in Cold-brewed Orange Tea

I like fruit & tea mixtures and this is one of my favourites. 

I cold-brew tea by combining 2 flavoured teabags (green, black, infusions) in water and refrigerating overnight. The beauty of this method is first the amazing fragrance which hits you on opening up the bottle. Then there are the muted tannin notes – the bitterness associated with tea, (intensified by hot water) that’s missing here. You taste tea but in its purest form. 

Next steps? Combine poached pawpaw chunks in tea and leave to infuse for a few hours, then drink-eat.

@recipesfromapantry - the coldbrewed green tea was awesome.  I used 3 green tea and orange teabags in 600ml of water and left it in the fridge overnight.  The first thing that hits you when you open up the bottle is the fragrance of orange.  The result is

Or blend both for a refreshing pick me up morning smoothie.

Poached pawpaw, two ways  To the left, a green tea and pawpaw smoothie. I hot brewed some green tea, let it cool overnight and then blended it with poached pawpaw, some scent leaves from the syrup and a touch of syrup. It is refreshing, I have my dose of

Bruleed Pawpaw (French) Toast 

Yes, toast brulee. Here’s how to make it:

Get a slice of toast or French toast

Slather it with lime- mascarpone or butterjam or marmalade. It is delicious with curd.

Top with diced pawpaw, flaked almonds, finely grated lime zest and light brown sugar.

My #breakfast - Toast #Brulee. Yes, toast brulee.  Here's how to make it: - Get a slice of #toast or #Frenchtoast - slather it with lime mascarpone or butter. Jam or marmalade. It is delicious with curd. I've had it also with lemon curd. - top with fruit.

Place about 6 inches under a hot gril, for a minute or so till the sugar melts, nuts toast and your nose is filled with warmth.

Remove and finished with a squeeze of lime juice.


Perfect for one or a crowd. Good to look at. And eat too. Many variations possible. With jams and curds and what not.

#ToastBrulee with lime-mascarpone, #pawpaw (#papaya) dice, flaked almonds and light brown sugar. Finished with #limejuice.  #Delicious. Perfect for one or a crowd. Good to look at. And eat too.  Many variations possible. With jams and curds and all manner

What is your favourite way to use pawpaw in ‘sweet’ recipes?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Three (3) Sweet Recipes with Pawpaw – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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