Seven (7) Desserts for Ramadan

Posset, Panna Cotta, Verrine, Kunnu Aya Pudding, Fruit Salad, and on and on and on. If you have a sweet tooth and desire quick and light desserts during Ramadan, here are a few ideas. They all involve some milk/ cream, fruit and citrus. 

Orange Panna Cotta

Citrus, cream, heaven. And yes, with directions for using agar-agar [Pictured above].


Mango with Yogurt and Sesame Snaps

Quick and easy. Want to know how to get perfect cubes of Mangoes? Look no further. Covered.  Works very well with bananas too. Go vegan with vegan ‘gurt.


Nigerian dessert: Mango and Lime Dessert

Lemon Posset with Chocolate Pancakes

Possets are a beautiful demonstration of science. Really beautiful, not to mention quick and easy. 



Kunnu Aya Pudding

This quick and easy recipe has a clean, creamy flavour with a soft set. Naturally vegan, it makes a great dessert with fresh fruits and nutty cookies.



Scent leaf Poached Pawpaw

One of my favourites and vegan too – poached pawpaw in a fragrant syrup. Serve on its own, topped with cream or serve alongside ice cream, yogurt etc



Filipino Fruit Salad

A fruit salad recipe that I absolutely love, based on a Filipino recipe with tinned fruit, cream cheese, condensed milk and a special ‘gel’ of coconut or pineapple, Nata de Coco or Nata de Pina. The Nata makes a delightful textural addition to the the mix. I haven’t ever seen it in Nigeria. Jelly, cut into cubes would make a nice substitute for the Nata. Whatever you do, leave it overnight to ‘set’ before eating.

Go vegan by using coconut cream & coconut condensed milk and vegan jelly.



Verrine of Pitanga Cherries with Meringues and Cream

Classic combination of fruit, cream and meringues in an Eton Mess. Looked pretty but needs more work. My children loved it though.

Go vegan by using crunchy vegan cookies and coconut cream/ oatgurt or other non-vegan creams.



What Ramadan desserts are your favourites?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Seven (7) Desserts for Ramadan – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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