Pumpkin Maple Ginger Sauce & Le Menu for Thanksgiving

Updated, excitedly…

I can’t decide if to make plantain rolls or plantain flat breads. I think I might go with Turmeric & Plantain rolls. Or flatbreads. Urghhh, so confused 🙂

The pumpkin sauce for the Jollof and for the ‘sauce’/ gravy is ready.

I’ve cooked down some pumpkin puree with grated ginger, green chilies, garlic, turmeric and salt.


Then I’ve thinned – once the flavours melded – with chicken stock. Finally, I made a puree and that’s now set aside. Ready for Thursday. Thanksgiving Day. _DSC2579

Tonight? I shall make some Zobo and the zobo pepper sauce shall begin.

I’m very excited about making a Yam cake for dessert – a beautiful recipe from the awesome guys at The Groundnut.


Fresh Turmeric Coconut Scent leaf soup with prawns

Plantain (flat) breads

Palm oil vinagrette

Scent leaf soup with coconut & chickpeas, served with Plantain flat bread



Pumpkin Jollof Rice

Dodo with sage & yaji

Smoked Turkey wings with Zobo-pepper sauce


Sauteed Greens with pumpkin and toasted almonds, with peanuts

Apple – cucumber Salad (undecided)

Garri-crusted Green beans

Ginger-Pumpkin-Maple Gravy

Tapioca/ Green papaya salad with coconut



Yam & Almond Cake with Pumpkin-Tangelo Ice cream

Salted caramel

Tangelo-almond cake with Tangelo gelato



Passionfruit cocktail

Zobo spritzers

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Pumpkin Maple Ginger Sauce & Le Menu for Thanksgiving – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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