Proudly Naija: ‘Calabar’ Abacha

We aren’t doing too badly in Naija.

Lots of things are being processed and packaged, and sold in stores.


You can find locally canned palm nut sauce for banga soup, spice blends in bottles and jars, hibiscus leaves in packs.

That soothes my soul.



I’m particularly glad to find Abacha – shredded and dehydrated. Perfect for exporting….

_DSC1752And Proudly Naija.


And while I’m glad about this product, I know we could take it up a notch by adding usage instructions/ directions.

Not everyone is familiar with cooking Abacha so it would be lovely if they makers shared the way to achieve the best results with their product.

I’ve tried to soften it in warm water – unsuccessfully. Eventually I had to cook it for a few minutes. Oh well, we learn.

On a high note, if you have family and friends abroad – great gift to take them without fear of confiscation at the border.

If you have family and friends coming to visit you, beg them to bring you some. All you have to do is re hydrate by cooking for a few minutes in water and voila, ready to go. You can soup it or salad it, the choice is yours.

Who makes it:

It is produced by a company called Favor-Right Foods. They also bag herbs and green leafy vegetables. The details on the pack say:

9a Anola Shopping Complex
Oniru New Market
Oniru, off Lekki Epe expressway
Lekki, Lagos
Telephone – 08091895786
Email –

Where I’ve bought it

I’ve bought this at the Village Market in Ebeano and at Gravatas, both in Lekki Phase 1

What do you think?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Proudly Naija: ‘Calabar’ Abacha – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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    any idea on how I can make a seasoning like that of indomie noodles for the packaged abacha?

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