‘Perfect Hostess’ Tips – Appetisers

The trick to being a good hostess is knowing when to buy and when to make, or bake.

I love hosting parties…a great excuse to feast and try out newish recipes.

I must admit though that good a hostess as I am, I’m far from glam. Sigh. I’m not likely to walk down any stairs looking like Marilyn. That would be Monroe, darling…complete with dress, kitten heels and nary a drop of sweat.

Sigh again.

Saying that, I am not bad at putting a meal together for most people. Except you’re Eghosa Imasuen and you’re looking for pounded yam at my table. Story for the gods.

On the day of the feast, often buffet-style, I like to concentrate on the main course. I usually have the starters and desserts sorted. Lately, I’ve begun serving plantain chips and my amazing scent leaf dip.

All the effort it takes is making the dip – ahead of time, and buying packs of the finest plantain chips I can find. In this case, ‘Red Oaks’

On the day, all I have to do is open up packs – I like to get a few varieties- plain ripe, plain unripe, pepper-spiced. I set them in bowls – not-matching bowls have their charm.

I spoon the dips into tiny bowls as well and off people go.


One taste and you’re in heaven. Virtue my friends isn’t in the self-prep and sweating. It’s in knowing what, when, how and why.

As you can see, its all that and a bag of chips.

 And you know what? Stir in some yogurt, and you have a variation on the dip…and an excellent salad dressing.


Or put in in your mix for devilled eggs.

Peace out.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]’Perfect Hostess’ Tips – Appetisers – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I attest to the yumminess of this dip. I was supposed to be on a diet but this scent leaf dip definitely put paid to that …

  2. Pls share the scent leaf dip recipe. What else can be used in place of scent leaf?

    Being a hostess is no easy task. I tend to buy pre-made appetizers and desserts and cook the entrees.

    • The recipe is coming up soon :). I wouldn’t dream of not sharing it.

      You could use coriander leaf/cilantro, basil, mint…but wait till you read the recipe :).

      And yes, one has to find a great way to manage being the hostess with the mostess. And we have to be smart about it.

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