On Finding Wisdom: 10 Lessons from @Food52 Recipes

Food52.com has changed my life – for the better.

I’ve learnt so much…here are a few nuggets of wisdom gleaned – lots of repetition perhaps but consider it reinforcement…

Here are 10 recipes which have given me courage and hope.

1. Chocolate-Dump-It-All-Cake

Lesson: Nothing is impossible.

This cake has awesome converting abilities. Proclaimed chocolate cake haters have caved in, begged, pleaded for me to make this over and over and over again.

This is my go to, a simple recipe that shows nothing is impossible. Bake it, put your own spin on it and watch it captivate mouths and bellies.



2. Stir-fried Cabbage

Lesson: Don’t ever give up – the answer is out there, lurking.    This restored my confidence in life. And cruciferous veg because cabbage is more than coleslaw. Recipe   DSC_0534

3. Cauliflower Soup

Lesson: There’s always a way. Cf 2. Cabbage.

This has restored my hope in life – making my daughter, my picky daughter fall in love with cauliflower. Any parent with picky children knows what this means.


4. Chocolate Mousse

Lesson: There’s an easy version of almost every thing.

Someday, your confidence will soar. This made me a star at making chocolate mousse and all other sorts of mousse and layered cakes.



5. Lemon Posset

Lesson: Food science rocks – understanding the details of acids and emulsifies is just good-for-the-soul stuff!

So yes, I channeled my inner food geek and loved every minute of it.



6. Celery cocktail

Lesson – You must think of an ingredient as an ingredient, not confined by the boundaries of how you’ve always seen it and known it ‘used’. I hate celery. With a passion but I love celeriac, it’s knobbly root btw. @food52 makes me think about ingredients as ingredients, not confined to place or dish. The focus isn’t on wack but understanding enough to venture into terra nouveau. Recipe

7. Sriracha

Lesson: almost everything can be made at home.  Cf. with my homemade salsa from 1999. Even the seemingly hard stuff, like Ketchup, Barbecue sauce, a beautiful mustard sauce and Sriracha, two ways. Recipe IMG_1633

8. Tres Leches

Lesson: Sometimes you have to forget everything you think you know, everything you’ve learned and trust in another. No matter how gross you think having cake soaked in 3 milks is, try this. You will be amazed.This is about moist not soggy cake, and flavour to rival. the bests Recipe _DSC0898

9. Cold-brewed coffee. Magical coffee

Lesson: Sometimes its not the what but the how. That turns bitter mellow.


Courtesy, Sarah Shatz, Food52

10. Boston Cream Pie

Lesson: You can do it. Surpass yourself. And make a stunning, French-bakery-window-worthy layered cake.

And with considerable ease. Who’d have thought it?



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  1. I don’t like you again *wails*. Here I am lying on my couch with the full intention of having a lazy day, and you come and go and just inspire,motivate, ginger somborri to go and make a mousse. I don’t like you again oooooo *more wailing*.

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