Nine (9) Awesome Bake Sale Recipes

Here’s what I baked for the Book & Bake Sale

  • Banana bread
  • Brownies, two ways – chocolate chip & white chocolate – pecan
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Glazed Lemon Cakes
  • Chocolate cup cakes with 2 types of ganache (white chocolate mint and a regular milk chocolate)
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • Popcorn cake tray bake
  • Chocolate cake crumble with M & Ms and candy in the mix
  • Apple Cakes

To drink: 

  • Zobo punch
  • Apple ‘mojitos’
  • Water

I paced myself and began baking 3 days before. 

3 Days to the Bake Sale

Zobo: I made the Zobo, after which I froze it in a number of containers. 

Recipe, can be adjusted to suit your needs

2 Days to the Bake Sale

Banana Bread: From experience, I know Banana bread keeps well. I used a tried & trusted gift of a recipe from my friend. I went for the original version, not the updated with white chocolate and orange

Recipe, and a twist

The doness test

1 day to the Bake Sale

Brownies: I made the Brownies using this amazing recipe, King Arthur’s Fudgy Brownies. I made two trays – one with chocolate chips and the other with white chocolate chips and pecans, because brownies taste better the day before. These are hands down the best Brownies ever.

Thank you King Arthur for the recipe

Chocolate Chip Dough: I decided to go with sliced chocolate chip cookies, so I made the dough and rolled into logs which were sliced and baked on the day.

The recipe I used is one that has never failed me, from Smitten Kitchen

On the day of the Bake Sale

Apple Cake: This employed by yogurt cake recipe base. And presented the only disaster of the bake. First of all, I almost forgot to bakt he cake, in spite of my list. And second of all, I forgot to add the sugar. 

The beautiful thing though? The topping of apples tossed in lemon juice and sugar, and the sugar pearls lent some sweetness to it. Rather than tasting totally disastrous, it was reminiscent of a wholemeal recipe. Not bad.

Apple cake recipe

Glazed Lemon Cakes: Same yogurt cake recipe, with delicious lemon zest in the mix instead of the cinnamony apples. Hands down the Bake Sale favourite. 

It sported a lemon glaze, from Ina and made a difference to the cake. So, so, so delicious

Lemon Bars. Not what I made but with similar flavours

Chocolate cupcakes: Same, trusted, beloved chocolate dump-it-all recipe from Amanda Hesser with topping ideas from Smitten Kitchen and moi.

Cake recipe, White chocolate frosting from Smitten Kitchen and regular semi-sweet ganache

Rice Krispie Treats: One of the day’s best sellers. Everyone remembered them from childhood. They are amazingly easy to make and yield excellent results.

Recipe for Rice Krispie Treats

Popcorn Cake: I’ve made this several times in a bundt pan. This time, I made it as a tray ‘no-bake’. For some reason, it was the worst seller of the day.

The original popcorn cake, transformed into a tray bake for the event


  • Chocolate chip cookies were sliced and baked
  • Extras were prepped for the drinks. I sliced sliced cucumbers, limes, lemons, oranges and bruised fresh mint leaves, and bashed up lime quarters.

At the Bake Sale

I finished off the Zobo – setting it it a punch bowl and adding the extras – sliced cucumbers, limes, lemons, oranges. 

I mixed up the Apple Mojitos on site, using up already bruised fresh mint leaves, and bashed up lime quarters (so the oils and fragrance infuse the drink with excellent flavour)

I made sure I had bucket loads of ice in a cooler…it was a hot day.

Some Tips

  • I chose to make more tray bakes and loaf bakes. They sliced easier compared with round tins and were more ‘portable’. In my opinion.
  • For ease of sale, everything cost the same price.
  • We had takeaway packs to hand so people could enjoy and also share the goodness with family and friends. Or with themselves 🙂

That’s mostly it – lots of notes and what-to-do’s for next time.

What are your Bake Sale Favourites?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Nine (9) Awesome Bake Sale Recipes – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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