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Last Two weeks ago already, I visited the ProPak conference. I hoped to find food packaging – bottles, glass jars, etc and get contacts for other things.


We – my friend and I, arrived at the venue and registered – in quite an orderly fashion. And then the walk began. _DSC1138

Contrary to what I thought, which was limited to one end of the spectrum – the packaging – there was more foundational stuff from further up the line – production and the equipment to start up packaging lines. 

There were a number of companies who had machines for producing packaging, like bottle-blowing machines.


There were machines that were specifically for filling,

_DSC1149bagging the packaging, _DSC1161

and then you had those for sealing – from regular capping to foil seals.


There were companies focused on printing and labeling, everything from stickers to posters and more. _DSC1136_DSC1134

There were even some specialist machines, like a Chin-Chin cutting one. _DSC1169

To be honest, it expanded my vision in that ‘Oh my Lord, I could one day decide to make my own packaging, from scratch…’

Though I didn’t get what I went there for, I made some useful connections and most importantly, ‘enlarged’ my vision. So,…well worth it.

_DSC1109[wpurp-searchable-recipe]More on Propak & Packaging – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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