Kunnu Aya Drinks: Coffee, Date, Zobo

It is the season of dates, tiger nuts and mixing up flavours and combinations – all the things I love.

L: Zobo; C: Iced coffee, R: Date caramel

I make up some milk and combine it three ways – with zobo, with iced coffee and with date caramel. I do this because I remember drinking Thai iced coffee and iced tea at Pam’s Thai in Manhattan’s Hell Kitchen.

L: Ice coffee & R: Iced tea, at Pam’s Thai Restaurant

The iced tea reminded me of Zobo and I made a mental note…


So it was I thought I’d test which worked best, trying Zobo, cold-brewed coffee and date caramel. I essentially went half and half. 

All had interesting flavours but my absolute favourite was the date caramel. The nuttiness of the kunnu blends well with the spiced data caramel. My daughter, J also liked the date caramel one. In the end, I combine the coffee and date caramel and that too was nice.


Do you ever combine your kunnu aya with other flavours? Tell, would like to try some more 🙂[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Kunnu Aya Drinks: Coffee, Date, Zobo – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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