Kitchen Butterfly for Hire – The Tradversary Dinner

I hosted a dinner last Sunday – a ‘catered’ event. Though it was at mine, the guests weren’t :).


The ‘hosts’ – the gorgeous Kingsley and Osemhen of Eureka Naija wanted to celebrate their 1st year’s ‘Trad-versary’. 

{See some photos of the gorgeous Traditional wedding}


We agreed on a 3-course menu including drinks, which was slightly adapted to add the ‘Chicken course‘ :). My children did an amazing job laying the table…#soproud #proudmama #proudmum and any other hashtags you can think of.

Before dinner proper began, guests enjoyed devilled eggs and pita crisps with scent leaf dip and drinks.


Tangelo Mimosas 

Zobo & Zobo – Mulled wine coolers

Mango – Cucumber cocktail, with white rum and Cointreau




Apple – Cucumber Salad – Fresh, Crisp, Clean


The Chicken Course

This was za’atar – yaji roasted chicken with zobo-pepper sauce and pawpaw-tomato-jalapeno chutney. Most plates came back clean, with a gorgeous, stripped bone 🙂


The Real Second/ Main Course

This was one of my favourites – I loved how it looked on the plate – scent leaf curry, pawpaw salsa and lemongrass Thai Jasmine rice


Before dessert

We had some fresh mint & ginger tea in tiny glasses…just to prep for what was coming.



Osemhen made a delightful apple pie and I?


Some gorgeous salted caramal-almond brittle ice cream to boot.


To serve? A scoop of ice cream, a chunk of warm pie and a bit of dark chocolate.


There was lots of talking and laughing, sooooooooooo much. I was up and down in the kitchen and everywhere but I caught glimpses and snatches and took a few photos.


It was beautiful and a great hosting experience for me. I’m so used to cooking for family and friends but this? This was different. This was special and gave me much confidence that I can do plated dinners. Whoopie, here comes more ‘pop-up style restaurant dinners’. 


Many thanks to Osemhen and Kingsley and all your guests who were wonderful and gave me permission to post their photos. Much love xxx


So yes, I’m available for hire – at yours, mine, anothers :). Just let me know –

Peace & Love 

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  1. But this is lovely! Really good concept. Hosting guests in your house for a fee. Esp good for lazy people like me who don’t like the stress of having people over but might not want the “unpersonal” nature of restaurants. And your home is lovely. And the food looks delicious. I’ve always wanted to taste apple pie. Enough reading about it in novels. Sigh. E go happen.

  2. I love this!!!

    I’m so glad you are opening up to unbelievable opportunities…. Soar.

    And your house is beautiful.

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