In Season: Mulberries & Turmeric

In season.

I love fruits and vegetables in season. I’ve been enjoying a lot of them – passion fruit and mulberries and last week, fresh Turmeric. Interesting, I always thought strawberries were my favourite berry. Alas people, the Mulberry has overtaken every single one of them.


The tangelos are slowly disappearing, or is that just me? I’ve tried to lengthen their stay – baking them into some simple goodness. Take my regular yogurt cake, swap some of the flour with almond meal, add a healthy amount of tangelo zest – say 2, and the juice and voila, you have a moist, rich cake that is everything – warm, sweet, fragrant and delicious.

A delightful Tangelo – Almond cake with lots of tangelo zest and juice

The garden eggs are looking plumper and fresher and tomatoes appear a bit cheaper than in the past months. And then there’s turmeric. Fresh turmeric. I hope to add this to stews but also to milk! Coming soon 🙂

Fresh Turmeric and Turmeric powder

And yams, ohhhhhhhh yams are sweeter. The angst and tastelessness of new yam is long past. Truth though is some varieties are horrible still – red fleshed when you peel and black, bitter when you boil. They are the sort that call for sugar to sweeten the boiling water and even then, still, they don’t improve much. And lately, I’ve been enjoying beautiful things.

Lots in the plan but oh such deliciousness…next post? On mulberries, flavours that work together and a liqueur.

What’s growing where you are? Are you doing anything with it?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]In Season: Mulberries & Turmeric – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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