How to Make Soursop Cream

Once you have your peeled & prepped soursop, you can make a quick ‘cream’.


All that’s required? Blitzing in the blender or food processor to ‘unify’ the texture.

I tend to blend with a bit of water but any liquid would do.


I store the blended mixture and use it in a wealth of ways

As an addition to a fruit bowl; In the mix –  Yogurt, Soursop cream, Passionfruit and Bananas – so filling and oh so fragrant.

The best things in life are ... tropical  Le fruitbowl  Yogurt Soursop cream Passionfruit Banana  I'm half asleep. So good - filling and fragrant

In a smoothie with almond milk and chia seeds. Thick and creamy and nutty. Say yum.

This is what elevenses would have been.  More like oneses. Totally made up word.  It's a cold smoothie of - soursop - almond milk - chia seeds in water  #vscocam #vscogram #vscofood #instafood #instagood #foodagram #foodstagram #healthy #health #vegan #ve

I make puddings too and soursop cream is…the cream.

#Breakfastofchampions - soursop cream topped with plain chia seed pudding  #vscocam #vscogram #vscofood #instafood #instagood #foodagram #foodstagram #healthy #kitchenbutterfly #breakfastrecipes #glutenfree #vegan #whatveganseat #veganbreakfasts #tropical

That’s it.

You can make icecreams, drinks…and probably use it in bakes.

What do you do with your soursop?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]How to Make Soursop Cream – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. This is probably one of few indigenous fruit I have never tasted in my life. I see it every now and then at the fruit stalk but I don’t know what to think of it every time. I will give it a try now….. fingers-crossed for me to love it.

  2. Ahhhhh!!! love love love. I wonder how it will behave in greek yogurt. Pleassssseeee do this type of series on ichekwu. I reaaallly admire how you are bringing these foodie treasures to the global stage. Welldone 🙂

  3. I recently whizzed it up with some pineapple and then froze it. It was a lovely, creamy delight for dessert

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