Guest Post: Ebelebo Memories

This post is written by Tipu, my childhood friend. We’re still good friends, from when we were both ‘this high’ and mischievous to boot. She’s the friend who taught me to make fondant. And with whom I foraged fruit. Ebelebo.

Here’s Part 1 of 2 posts from her. Thank you dear.


Huge trees to my childhood eyes.

Ebelebo Trees. (Fruit to you, Lagosian? And Sea Almond to others)

Little hands going through Ixora hedges for a space I can squeeze through. The sweet smell beckoning to me.


I find some space and wriggle my slim body through the hedge; into fallen brown leaves and lots of fallen ripe fruits. Some yellow and others have a reddish purple hue.


I start to pick and sort through looking for smooth perfect fruit that haven’t been nibbled on by insects or birds. After a while my pockets and hands are filled with my delicious harvest.

Sometimes these trips are made with my little brothers, and sometimes a group of friends. When we get home we wash and eat the fruits we’ve picked.


And when we’re done eating, the seeds are next.


My Dad has an old metal clamp which always comes in handy when we have to crack the seeds and eat the delicious nut inside…



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      • The tree was in a family friends compound and it was though they never cared for it until we showed up. Then everyone wants to have some ‘fruit’… smh. It was later on that we discovered it had nuts in it. I still remember a few hitting of the fingers with the stone used to crack the nut… #sigh #nostalgic

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