Friday Cocktails: Zobo – Red Wine Cooler

This, like sangria and mulled wine.

At once festive, Christmassy, of celebration.


And all the consequence of a leftover bottle of red, and some leftover cinnamon sugar. I cooked both together for a syrup and topped up with zobo and ice.



{Sugar Syrups – for lemon/ orange, use strips of skin}

Red wine. Ha ha, buy that which you fancy or use that which you’ve been gifted.


Soooooooooooo good.

Future versions now involve bottles of red, left red, unsweetened. And sugar syrups (scent leaf would be soooooo dope)  – mostly of lemon. Though orange would be awesome too. And zobo. 


One combines all three in the best proportions that suit one. With ice and one drinks away.


This is currently, one’s best drink.

Well, what can one say? It’s soooooo good. 

One is allowed to repeat oneself. Even over such a simple recipe.

Try it.

_DSC1462[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Friday Cocktails: Zobo – Red Wine Cooler – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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