Food Photo Love: Chocolate Fondant

A photo I love with a short story and a recipe.

There’s something about photographing food that melts my heart.

Invisible things become seen. How tightly we hold on to some things – slippery by nature. How delicately we hold on to others, careful not to break the golden egg and have its contents spewed over all.

A few days ago, in a New York hotel room, I watched my seven year old son, D eat a chocolate fondant from Beard Papa’s through my camera lens.

Do you know anything about seven year old boys?

Most are ‘energetic’, curious, hard-to-sit still for long…and mine is all that. And to see him grip this fondant, yet hold it so delicately, careful so it didn’t fall out of his grasp…was beautiful.

To watch him dig and trowel and shove gingerly lay fork on tongue was a sight.

No accident ensued save for a chocolatey patch here and there on rounded cheeks.

You wouldn’t have thought a rich chocolate dessert was the thing for such a young man but this lover of refined with a palate that can distinguh the finest macarons is a fan of them. As are his sister.

This Fondant is everything it should be – a soft centre of molten chocolate, blanketed in soft, delicious sponge.

Recipe by Eric Lanlard, which I’ve made a few times with great results.

 [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Food Photo Love: Chocolate Fondant – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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