Kitchen Butterfly Featured on BuzzFeed

Fam, we made it – Nigerian cuisine and its beloved dishes done gone global. 

And yes, KB, Kitchen Butterfly was featured with several mentions. Woo hoo. All this thanks to Bim, Culture editor at BuzzfeedUK, who wrote ‘23 Nigerian Foods The World Should Know & Love‘.

At No 1 is the beloved Jollof Rice and at 23 – Afang stew, a leafy green stew popular in Nigeria’s south.

{Read about it: All you need to know about Jollof – history, culture, essentials, recipes and an around the world in 12}

In between there’s Akara, Dodo, Snails, Banga, Peppersoup

{Pepper soup recipes to wow you}


Snacks? Yep, they feature too. Chin Chin – crunchy bits of fried dough at No 12 and Puff-puff at 10.

{Puff-puff to rock your world}


Here are quick links to KB recipes that are featured:


4. Suya

11. Pepper soup

13. Banga soup

16. Igbin (Snails)

Rock on naija food, rock on. 

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Kitchen Butterfly Featured on BuzzFeed – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Read the article while it was trending. Congratulations Kitchen Butterfly.
    We should export our culture via our rich food. Looking forward to the day when Nigerian food is as popular as say Chinese food all over the globe.

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