Eight (8) Recipes that Redeem New Yam

So, yes, New Yam is here…

And if you’re patient, it will age ever so gracefully and someday soon, in weeks and months, sitting at your table, you’ll feast on old yam – yam whose waters have left, and left behind flavours concentrated. Yam with textures not crumbly meaty, delightful. Someday, if you are patient. The truth though is you shouldn’t wait to enjoy yam. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of good living.

And if you think new yam has no virtue, this 8 recipes will change your mind. They play on the soft texture and mild flavour of new yam – bringing out the best in it.

To enjoy new yam, forget momentarily about the taste and texture of ‘old yam’, let it be what it is. Old yam will have its day yet. I like a rich, well-flavoured sauce to match the 

Yam Shakshuka

Take your regular shakshuka, then top it with cubes of leftover yam. The result? Melt-in-your-mouth pieces of yam that work beautifully – almost as beans would in a wrap. {Recipe} _DSC1052

Yam Hash

The classic refresher of leftover yam. Make a quick stir fry of yam cubes in oil/ butter with vegetables, herbs and some tomato sauce. Almost like a pan-pottage but not as liquid/saucy.   {Recipe} _CSC0751

Yam Pottage

A creamy mix of yam and sauce that works a treat.


Immerse new yam in pepper soup and let the spice combat the blandness of the yam. {Recipe} How to cook Ukodo - Yam and Pepper Soup Pottage

Yam Waffles

Not too worried about the distinctive yam taste? Then mash/ pass some cooked yam through a rice/ masher and add to waffle/ pancake batter. {Recipe} Yam Waffles with Dambu Kazaa

Yam Balls

Quick and easy – mash the yam, combine with vegetables if you like, coat in garri or bread crumbs and fry/ bake. #Yam and #Dambunama balls, rolled in #garriijebu. In the mix: - 1 cup of yam, boiled and mashed by pounding - 1 heaped tablespoon of flour - 1or 2 teaspoons tomato, onion and pepper sauce - freshly picked scentleaves, sliced - dambu nama, to taste - garr

Yam Tortilla

Here, you’ll have to season the yam very well as it sits in a sea of eggs that one can’t do much with if not seasoned right. Keep the yam cut in thin slices so the seasoning coats well . {Recipe} _DSC1740

Yam with sauces, many ways

Finally, serve the yam with some of your fave sauces – garden egg sauce, stew and more… {Recipe} _DSC1020

What are you favourite things to do with New Yam?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Eight (8) Recipes that Redeem New Yam – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. How am i just discovering your blog?! I love how authentic and creative it is. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

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