Fried Plantains (Dodo) with Sage & Yaji


Every time he came for more Dodo – fried plantains, which was more than once…three times I think even, the son said ‘Can I have some sage, please?’ The

Sage is one herb I have only ever paired with turkey and with brown butter pasta. I love the way it crisps up in fat and yet retains its earthy flavour and scent.

I had a lot of fresh sage with which I made some salt… and an oil, which I totally forgot about. 


The combination of plantain and herbs is very interesting. The sweet of ripe plantains works well with spices – everything from Nigerian (scent leaves, yaji) to  ‘Indian – Middle Eastern and South & Central American (bents (Cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin).

I’ve enjoy roasted plantain with a bitter green vegetable/ herb called Utazi – the contrast worked well with the soft, ripe sweetness. And sage? Brilliant. I wanted an herb or something to make the Nigerian – American connection, so I went with sage.  I combined the sage salt with some smoky, peanutty yaji.

And to further amp the flavours, added whole sage leaves to the frying mix.


The sweet plantains emerged golden and beautifully flavoured. The flavour was great, plus the textural contrast between soft plantains and the crisp leaves was really nice. Definitely something to be repeated.


Definitely one to repeat.

Still in Thanksgiving mode xxx

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