Asala – Egg Salad

I’ve been serving up lots of devilled eggs lately.

While halving them for stuffing, many casualties result. And so it was that I resolved to make an egg salad – the perfect one.


I wanted to bring some texture into the creamy, chewy mix and since I like the crunch of Asala, black walnuts when cooked, I incorporated some of that in the salad. 

I crushed them, like I did in the Asala-Scent leaf Soup and ‘fried’ them in some stew/ oil.


And that was it mostly. 

I combined eggs, spring onions, cilantro, Asala, and some chunky, pepper sauce.


Stirred it all together and then refrigerated.


We had some with some Chicken Stew and Rice, and then the following day, I made open-faced sarnies which were so delicious.

Topped with a chiffonade of scent leaves.


The Asala brought an amazingness to it – a delightful crunch and cream and altogether yum. Definitely going to incorporate it into more recipes.

What would you do with this crunchy nut, in season?

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