A Ten (10)-Day Menu for Iftar

Ramadan Kareem to all my muslim friends, today, the 18th of June which is the official start of the 2015 Ramadan season.

I’m still learning, but already I love the celebratory nature of Iftar, the evening meal and a daily feast typically with multiple courses :).

Special thanks to Hauwa of Casa Kuluwaz for sharing a 10-day menu for Iftar this Ramadan – thanks dear. Almost everything I know about what happens foodwise during Ramadan is thanks to her. I’m constantly comforted by how willing people are to share of themselves to help others grow. Such rich seeds that bear fruits of understanding and wisdom. Thank you, o ye givers – your kindness is much appreciated.


And so it was that I learnt the following:

  1. Of both Ramadan meals, Iftar is quite the celebratory one compared with Suhoor (still everything you need to know and eat well is here)
  2. That Kunu is the name for a body of cream, milky, fermented drinks and pap which comes in hot (part of a meal) and cold (to drink).
  3. That I have a whole lot of deliciousness to learn about the Arewa Kitchen of the Nigerian north and I’m stoked about it

The menu is constructed around a light meal to break the fast after the night’s prayers, then dinner, commonly of soup, with a robust main course and salad. Drinks and desserts could follow, belly space permitting.

Kosai, Akara to us isn’t the most difficult thing to make even if the process might be lengthy for those who peel the beans prior to blending the fritters. Ronke of 9jafoodie.com has tested Akara using peeled and unpeeled beans and reports there is hardly any difference. Check it out.


If you don’t have access to whole dried corn, Chi of Oya Come Chop shares her method of making Kunu, pap from scratch using store-bought cornmeal. This is one of the best hacks I’ve seen ever of Nigerian cuisine for those in diaspora. I doff my hat.


Various options on what to ‘drink’ from light broths to thicker soups. Here are a few recipes to get you started:

Pepper soup recipes

Mushroom soup

Chestnut & Meatball soup

Dumpling soup

Mustard soup

Tapioca & Coconut soup

Sugo (thin with water, stock for the best creamiest tomato soup ever)


Main course

There are so many options, from the regular rice and starchy carb dishes, to accompaniments of meat & fish. A few ideas to spur you on…

Skewers: Suya swordfish, Chicken skewers, two ways

Whole meats: Roasted Fish, Jerk fish, Smoked fishSteak, Suya chicken, Vanilla chicken, Wings and more


Accompaniments: Yam balls, Plantain balls, Rice ballsSeafood pasta and Pasta with sardines

Others: Sandwiches (including this delicious club), 

Salads & Sauteed greens

On this train of all about balance, here are a few great accompaniments to your meals, from lightly sauteed greens to fresh, palate-cleansing salads and heftier ones. 

By the way, here’s a primer on savoury salads

Plantain salad Imoyo & a salad with Dambu Kazaa

Salmon wedge

Sauteed snail salad

Green pawpaw salad

Savoury fruit salads

Vietnamese mango salad

Indian-spiced potato salad


Salad Sautees

A special post coming on sauces and dips and how to make Masa. Did I mention drinks & desserts?

Stay well.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]A 10-Day Menu for Iftar – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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