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How to Make Dambu

by on November 4, 2015


Making Dambu has been on my list of things to learn for ages. This weekend past, my Hausa teacher – yes, Hausa teacher (I’m learning to speak Hausa because I think it is delightful. It sounds incredibly beautiful – soft and melodic) taught me. In Hausa, Dambu literally translated is ‘mixture’. And this, is a mixture of cooked, pounded & shredded meat (beef, chicken, lamb, fish); seasoned and deep-fried. I’ve explored a few – of beef, chicken (Kazaaand a version I made from sundried beef, Kilishi). It is an easy process, easier than I anticipated though there are a few tricky points. 

Things to note


    The first is in the cut of meat. You need beef that’s not fatty or stringy. I remember my ‘suya man’, Mamanga recommending a particular cut from the leg, if I remember right (I’ll go back to him to confirm).

    _DSC1000The second is in cooking it soft, till it falls apart. _DSC1004

    The frying. This is the heart of the matter. The oil needs to be just hot but not too hot so the shredded meat doesn’t become dry and crunchy ( I will measure the temperature and update post accordingly, but between 165 and 170 degrees C)

    _DSC1016_DSC1014_DSC1021_DSC1024_DSC1035IMG_8193_01Photo Credits: Enitan Adebowale

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